Rockys Power Point Semen & Live Breeding
    (Call or email for Pricing and Availability) 
Rollie CA (Owned by Allen Frey from F.T.W.) (Son of Rolex)
    Semen $300.00

    Pedigree available upon request

For availability and pricing on Deer, Semen or Live Breeding, you can contact us via the form or by phone or email (found on the contact us page)
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C.W.D. Certified 12/1/2002

T.B. Accredited and Certified
Brucellosis Certified
Joe & Pepe Schipani (412) 759-7188

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Barter or Trade Option 

We will offer either Sales or Hunts on a barter or trade system. If you have any used equipment (tractors, quads, etc.) we could work out a trade for either any sales or a hunt. If you have a service (such as a contractor, automotive, etc.) we could work out a barter system exchange of service for a sale or hunt. Just contact us by phone or email so we can talk about it. Contact info on the Contact page.